Poetry met me

Greeted me

Claimed me 

As his own

And we've been

Kicking it...jonesin' every since... 





Balancing the Empire On Your Pinky From The Sidewalk

Who knew the unspoken truth about being a woman

Could be so liberating, exciting, interesting and exhausting

We are creators of the beauty of giving

Life, love, sizzle, prayers, healing and pizazz

Yet nobody ever talks about the layers of masks we wear

Being the loyal girlfriend, wife, friend with benefits, side chick that’s unbothered, yet bothered

Baking pies for the church mothers that judge skirt lengths, hairstyles, sleeveless vs. covered dresses

There’s a special kind of art to what we do to make the insecure feel good

The unloved, loved and cherished and validated

We gather trinkets of gratitude and survive off those until someone

Deems it necessary to remember we haven’t had a day off

See even when the kids are wild and the men are wilder

It’s our consistent forgiving, natural sweetness, that has to kick into overdrive

Sometimes we literally make dollars out of fifteen cents

And get no acknowledgement, yet I swear we’d receive it

If someone just paused to say I see it…I see you

Balancing the empire on your pinky from the sidewalk

While carrying baby bags, a pocketbook, permission slips with the field trip money attached

And his two tie choices which he’ll probably reject the first one

Three times, select the second, then finally go with the first one you suggested

See we don’t run from opposition and adversity…we own it

The challenges of sticking through it all…we don’t get the opportunity to flee

If we give half a damn about anybody other than ourselves

We create connections that most will never comprehend

And it’s that same rapport building that leads to job offers and promotions

For husbands and boyfriends we never tell because we respect his pride

We are the original teachers of the alphabet, manuscript versus cursive, arithmetic

Our brains are natural computers and calculators

And we can predict weather better than any weather man

Without turning on the internet or televisions

We tutor our men and write papers, yes these fingers

Have written thesis papers, speeches, legal debates and proclamations

That come directly from the lips of the beaus we love without conditions

We are cherished instruments of music when silence becomes uncomfortable

And we don’t brag about our talents, some of us ignore the facts that

We are stars in own rights and could rock any stage any night

Better than most folks with record deals and recording contracts

Yet we are here balancing the empire on our pinkies from the sidewalks

While holding groceries and crying babies and you in between our knees

When the world has hurt you, rejected you and you need healing

We honor our roles as peacemakers, yet sometimes we just want to

Scream…I’m TIRED of laughing at un-funny jokes

And cleaning only to re-clean and clean again

And pretending that no ME TIME makes sense

When it doesn’t and it’s hard and it’d be nice if date nights happen

Without our gentle prompting and planning

Sometimes we just want to be given a nice dress

And told to get ready because we do so much thinking and choosing

For everybody that lessening at least one choice

And taking us someplace that kids don’t enter

And having adult conversations about anything other than politics

Would be super bliss and we’d grant you year one

Intimate, role play, chandelier swinging, washing machine, office, lovin’

But you don’t honor us so we get overwhelmed and frustrated

Polishing and balancing our immaculate empire

On our pinkies-the weakest finger-yet we do it from what

Sometimes feels like the sidewalk because we’re outside

Of the happy because sometimes our joy is in watching you and the children

Enjoy the efforts of us, the Queen Nucleus, powering your batteries

Even when there’s no energy left to power us-well tough

‘Cause some things are going to have to change in order for us

To glow up like we used to…see we still like lighting up every room we walk into

Yet sometimes we want you to chime in and offer us mini-vacays-away… on YOU

Just because we’ve faithfully sewn into your vision

And sometimes we need you to sew into ours too

Cook a meal, prepare the kids for bed, order us lunch, clean a room or two

And just watch how we love all on you without attitude

Bless us with the luxury of exhaling

Taking an uninterrupted shower or bath

Make us not worry about how the lights will stay on

Or how the trash bill will be paid

And please spare us the same story about work that leaves you angry

For the rest of the night because some things need to just be left at the office

It’d be nice for you to ask about our day and actually care about the answer

And practice better self-control so you don’t share your principles with

The loose swinging Sallies that need a story, need to feel an hour of #1 power

Don’t you know how bad that embarrasses us?

And don’t you think you have squad members that approach us

Try us with all kinds of secrets and propositions

That we say Hell NO to, even when we tell you…you sometimes still consider them true

See we are loyal and thorough and real and wide and sometimes love…exhausted, just plain tired