Wisdom Pimpin'
  • Wisdom Pimpin'


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Celest's first spoken word cd, Wisdom Pimpin' demonstrates the various styles in which she delivers powerful messages of love, frustration with a materialistic conditioned system, the decline of African Americans, sexual energy, relationship with words and so much more!
Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Addicted
3. Show n' Tell
4. Come w/Me Love
5. 2Day
6. Something's Wrong
7. Woman Me
8. Knick Knack
9. Pussy Promises
10. No Response Necessary
11. Wisdom Pimpin'
12. Born Black
13. Her Name is 49
14. Fooling Around w/a Poet
15. Ambiguous Affair
16. We the Women
17. Asante (Give Thanks

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