Happy Holidays & PINK POEMS (soul.release)

Greetings Beautiful People,

Happy Holidays! I've missed you, yet I've felt your positive energy and prayers from near and far. I have been praying for you and sending love and positive energy your way also. I pray you're implementing self-care on a daily basis.

So, what's new? For me, it's been an interesting few months of balancing school, work and life, yet I'm grateful for every single moment. I had plans of doing a soft release my new book, Pink Poems (soul.release), on 11/29/2021, yet I received notification earlier that the shipping would be delayed as the books were expected to be delivered yesterday. The old me would've had a whole conundrum. The new me that drink lots of water, works out 3-7 times per week and has prioritized wellness even more, simply smiled and thought, perhaps Big God has an even better plan for December as it relates to my new project. I'm okay with releasing on 12/19/21. I'm okay with having more time to promote it because honestly, I could've done a better job of it. Life got busy and though it's not an excuse, it's the truth. Whew! At one point, I was staying up until the wee hours working on work and school, yet I remembered that it was counterproductive and shifted, quickly.

I want to encourage you to stay positive and be okay with change. It's inevitable and there's nothing you can do about it except control your response to it. Long ago I stopped worrying about what people would think and I just allowed my truth to be what it was. I can't control everything and the moment I discovered that, life was much more peaceful. Coronavirus has made it difficult to perform in person on stages, yet I am hopeful that the new year will bring on more opportunities to safely get together and share. I love my artsy friends that keep stages and microphones blazing. I really miss the energy of a live show. I've had a few this year, yet I know that it's one of the things that brings me great joy. 

I know that this season doesn't bring on happy thoughts for everyone so I want to extend my arms for a big virtual hug to each of you. I'm praying for you. I hope that you're invited to gatherings and that you say yes more than no, if you know the atmospheres might make you feel better. I'm praying for those beautiful people with seasonal depression and other mental health disorders that are triggered more by the winter months. I'm praying for you and sending hugs, love and positive energy your way. 

For those of you that will be spending time with special people this season, cherish them all. Take many pictures. Get lost in conversations more than your phones. Tune out from social media for just a bit to tune in to those trying to conenct with you in person. Make videos of fun moments and give yourself permission to just be happy and honor yourself. Those moments matter because you matter. 

THANK YOU to those of you that have already bought my new book, PINK POEMS (soul:release), and for those that will. I'm grateful to you for following me, supporting me and being your naturally fabulous selves. Practice self-care each day. Thank me later!

Serenity, Sunshine, Love & Blessings,


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