What is SheSPEAKS?

SheSPEAKS is the brand of Celest Divine Ngeve that was inspired by her favorite poet, Maya Angelou. Celest Divine felt that the world would have been less blessed had Maya never spoke again after her childhood trauma. Since Maya spoke, Celest Divine vowed to use her voice and her influence to help every girl, woman and man SPEAK their story, their truth, their beautiful and unflattering pasts and to get free. 

SheSPEAKS Events Include:

*SheSPEAKS Academy Mentoring Program- monthly mentoring sessions with young ladies between the ages of 9-12 with a strong focus on self-love, self-care, self-advocacy, social skills, self-esteem building skills, effective communication skills and conflict resolution skills in addition to reading, math and science skills.

*SheSPEAKS Queens Empowerment Sessions- bi-monthly sessions aimed at therapeautic activities that aid in women becoming more empowered to live their best, most fulfilled lives.

*SheSPEAKS Life Coaching- 1:1 coaching with homes to help individuals reach their personal skills, improve their quality of life, learn effective self-care strategies, stress management skills and ultimately become their own risk managers.

*SheSPEAKS College Girl 101-annual empowerment session that provides education for student about college preparation, steps to getting actively engaged in the college selection process and the different things to look out for as a young woman entering the college world.

*SheSPEAKS Book Publishing- assisting writers in getting their stories written, edited and published through MsCoffeeMe Publishing.

*SheSPEAKS Motivational Speaking- speaking on multiple topics that range from self-love, empowerment, healing, personal growth, effective communication, breaking out of barriers, cultural diversity, emotional awareness, etc.

#SheSPEAKS Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:


January 4, 2020: Vision Board Party


Private Event

Location: Athens, GA


January 18, 2020: Queens Empowerment Session


Private Event

Location: Stockbridge, GA


February 13, 2020: Self-Care for Educators Workshop


FREE ADMISSION-registration required

Location: 441 Gordon Street Jefferson, GA 30549


February 21, 2020: Social Worker Conference (Spoken Word About Self-Care)


Location: Cine'- 234 W. Hancock Ave. Athens, GA 30601


February 21, 2020: Black History Event 



Location: Clarke Central High School, 350 South Milledge Ave. Athens, GA 30605


February 21, 2020: Lucky 7's Show



Location: Hendershot's Coffee, 237 Prince Ave. Athens, GA 30601


February 27, 2020: Heritage Night 


Whitehead Rd. Elementary

555 Quailwood Dr. Athens, GA 30606


February 29, 2020: Delta Rho Spring 04' Vision Board Party


Private Event

Location: Statham, GA


March-May 2020: Quarantine Squats, Workouts and Wellness

7:00am (Sunday-Saturday)

6:00pm (Sunday-Saturday)

Open Virtual Event

Location: Facebook Live @Quarantine Squats, Workouts and Wellness page 




March 29-31, 2019: Who Heals the Healer? Queens Empowerment Retreat

Cost: $400

Location: Dillard, GA


May 14, 2019: 100th Day of Physical Wellness Gathering


Cost: $49

Location: TBA (Athens, GA)


November 17, 2017: Queens Empowerment Session Vision and Versatility (Vision Board Session)


Cost: $20

Location: Athens, GA 


January 20, 2018: Sister Collective Experience


Cost: $20

Location: Athens, GA


February 3, 2018: Reclaiming My Time Queens Empowerment Session


Cost: $20.18

Location: Athens, GA


March 24, 2018: College Girl/College Guy 101 


Location: Athens, GA


March 30-April 1, 2018: Queens Empowerment Retreat (Spring Spruce & Rejuvenation)


Cost: $250

Location: Dillard, GA


April 28, 2018: Queens Empowerment Session


Cost: $25

Location: Athens, GA


September 15-17, 2018: Queens Empowerment Retreat (Reclaiming My Voice)


Cost: $250

Location: Dillard, GA


March 11-13, 2016: Free Yourself Women Retreat
Location: The Dillard House

April 2016: Sista Cypher
Location: Studio

July 23, 2016: #SheSPEAKS Queens Empowerment Session- "She's Cute! Who Is She?"
Location: ACC Library, Athens, GA
Time: 2:30pm-5:00pm
Registration: email Celest at cngeve@hotmail.com


SheSPEAKS is a movement to help enhance the skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, talents and forgotten passions in all women! The photo above is from my #SheSPEAKS Queens Edition session.

Meet Queens Seretha, Linzi, Bethany, Cherese, Maria, Gina, Keishia, Nakesha & Domonique.