I worshipped you like the highest of the high

Adulated you without fail to everyone that would listen

I was lucid when I said I wouldn’t hurt you or leave

And you took that and abused the possibility of

Giving me a fraction of what I gave you

I arched my spine for you

And let my ocean greet and adorn your branch

On my knees I prayed and sinned for you…with you

Yet you single-handedly scalped me

Without even batting an eye

Where do you go when we stand, face to face, talking

And your eyes and mind leave the conversation

Is there another rose you sniff

I just don’t know why your secrets are foreign to me

I sang hymns (with you) as the subject and confessed my

Unedited insecurities and quirky moments

You were my H20 and my scriptures

And it seems as if I were your energy drink…filled with sodium

My breaths were synchronized with yours

Yet you scribbled me away on a sticky note and threw me away

                                                                                          Like discarded crumbs and yesterday’s vibes