Honestly, Let's Be Real about SELF-LOVE

Greetings Beautiful People!

Lately it seems like there's a wave of sisters and brothers unsure about what it means to take of self. We give to our spouses. children, community, organizations, committees, jobs, yet we neglect to give to ourselves. I had a great conversation recently with someone who's checking account was negative because she was spending so much money on trying to pick up the slack for others and doing for others so much that she was neglecting the truth: she couldn't afford to do these things and take care of her needs. She found herself in the red each month for the past nine months and felt like she was drowning. Does this sound familiar to anyone? We get ourselves in to doing for everyone else, barely making time for ourselves. There is no law that says, give to everyone else until there's nothing left and see if you can fit yourself into the equation later. Later never comes and we go without financial health. physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health believing we have time. It's not until something happens that makes us put everything into perspective that we stop and put ourselves first. It shouldn't have to be a forelcosure, divorce, separation, loss, weight gain to make us more aware. We have to start being there for ourselves first and formost. The universe will just keep on evolving whether we're healthy or not so let's stop assuming we're selfish for doing some necessary healing for ourselves. Here's some things we should consider.

1) No one loves me like I love me and no one can hurt me, truly hurt me, unless I grant them permission.
2) Doing something for me will save me whether it appears that way or not.
3) I have to make me happy, internally and externally, before doing this for others.
4) I am WORTHY of success, happiness, and divine blessings.
5) My setbacks, and I will have them, can be turned into success if I'm still long enough and I pay attention to the lesson it taught.
6) One slip up doesn't have to turn into negative self-talk. Speak positively to self because I need me to make me feel good first.
7) I deserve to spend time loving me because I'm a good person and I'm worth it.
8) Doing something healthy for myself can be taking a long bubble bath and relaxing, working out, changing my environment from negative to positive, and eating foods that are good for my body.
9) I have to be aware of what I do to myself and others in order to make positive changes. Journal, track foods, track spending habits, and read what I've written...there's power in words.
10) I am a special person.
11) It isn't selfish to do something special for myself that does not include considering anyone else. I owe a positive, ME TIME moment to myself each day!

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