Self-Care Revolution: 25 Strategies For Care of Self

Greetings Beautiful People!

If we could get a gold star or a salary for how well we take care of everyone else, we'd have millions of both! We have great habit strength in being there for everyone (our children, parents, significant others, friends, etc.), yet if we were granted an opportunity for the same rewards for how well we take care of ourselves...we often would be in the red (insufficient). We deserve to stay in the black (positive) for how well we take care of the one mind, body and spirit we have. Often though, we put everyone else's needs before our own. I wonder why we do this. Sometimes it's because we feel like if we don't do it, no one else will or if they do it, they won't do it right so we just have to be the person to do it. Every had some of these feelings or thoughts? We put a lot of extra stress on our chest and our backs and often the other people have gone on and are living lovely while we're unhappy and tired and exhausted. This isn't fair and though we know this, we still neglect to take care of ourselves until our bodies makes us stop. Self-care is all about exactly what it for self. If you don't care for yourself, who will? I know, we sometimes feel guilty for carving out a few minutes for ourselves, yet it's very necessary. We are better at every role we have when we take care of us first. Many of us have gone without self-care for so long that we've forgotten what makes us...well...US! Who are we at our core? What makes us smile? What excites us? Don't you think it's time to do some things to get back to those things that help us remember our beautiful truths? I've created a list of things that can be done to implement self-care. Some cost little to nothing at all (since I know many of us will say we don't have the money before even reading the list). Let's see what from this list of 25 self-care strategies you can do today!

1) Meditate. (Sleep Meditation-Guided: 

2) Work Out.

3) Pray.

4). Take A Bubble Bath With Candles And Calming Music.

5) Bury Your Toes In The Sand.

6) Read A Good Book.

7) Get A Massage.

8) Take A Nap (No Interruptions).

9) Get A Manicure/Pedicure.

10) Get Your Hair Done/Cut.

11) Schedule "Me Time" On Your Calendar Or In Your Planner.

12) Start Your Day With Inspirational Music.

13) Call Or Visit Family & Friends.

14) Create And Send A Care Package To Someone Special.

15) Turn Your Phone Off And Step Away From The Computer.

16) Make A List Of Positive Things In Your Life That You're Grateful For.

17) Have a Dance Party All By Yourself To Music You Love!

18) Rearrange Your Furniture In A New Way. 

19) Check In With Yourself To Check Your Emotions For A Few Minutes Each Day So They Don't Build Up.

20) Go To A Movie At Your Favorite Theater All By Yourself.

21) Create A Piece Of Art Just For Fun!

22)  Go To A Support Meeting And Share.

23) Eat Dinner On A Blanket In The Grass At Your House Or In The Park (And Invite Company If You'd Like).

24) Write A Poem Or Song And Share It.

25) Play A Sports Game (Favorite One From Your Youth).

These are just a few, however I hope it gets the ball rolling! It's fun to take care of yourself, especially since you do it so well for everyone. Self-care allows you to have internal peace and be a great daughter/son, husband/wife, friend, significant other, educator, professional, etc. If you're not in a good place, how can you be so good for everyone else? Take the time to take care of YOU and start today! Thank me later!

Serenity & Sunshine,
Celest Divine