What I Know For Sure: My List of 22

Greetings Beautiful People!

As we began to wrap up 2016, it's helpful to reflect on what we've come to know that will help propel us into a prosperous new year. If we go back and read old journals, we'd probably have certain things that would make us say, quietly and aloud, "Thank you God for growth!" We made decisions and had beliefs years ago that we don't have now because each second of each day we're evolving into the person we are to become. Years ago, you couldn't have told me I'd find solace in taking myself out for a movie and dinner, yet I've done it and actually find it quite peaceful. Years ago, I was sure that by age 33, I'd have been married with at least one child and that if I didn't, something would definitely be wrong with me because I'd be so far from everyone's "normal" life trajectory. Yet, here I am...a trailblazing 35 years young with no Boaz or babies that came from my womb and I'm okay. I'm not rushing the process and I'm not abnormal. I'm "My Normal." I wouldn't have understood that six years ago which is why it's helpful to sometimes make a list of things we've come to know and believe, then look back on the list to see if our beliefs changed or remained the same. Here's just a few things of what I know for sure on 12/31/2016 (feel free to make your own list and keep it somewhere safe so you can reflect a year from now):

1. Family is everything (especially immediate). 

2. Love is ubiquitous (mine is for sure). 

3. Fences, the movie has many lessons. 

4. Business requires investment & time. 

5. Goals shouldn't be limited. 

6. Rest & self-care is everything. 

7. Positive change begins in the mind. 

8. I really LOVE who I'm becoming. 

9. My purpose is bigger than I ever imagined. 

10. I don't like boxes (I'm a free spirit)! 

11. I'm changing in unique ways!

12. Not having a husband or children yet is okay...REALLY it's okay!

13. I don't like driving people places.

14. I like my own company...a lot.

15. Writing poetry all day makes me smile.

16. I will lose the extra pounds when I'm really ready to and it has to be because I want to lose them.

17. The world won't end if the next relationship doesn't work.

18. Being a little disorganized isn't the worse thing, yet it's something I'm working on.

19. Water really is better for me and I've always liked it better than soda.

20. Most of my fears aren't real unless I make them so.

21. I can do ANYTHING!

22. Being a black woman author rocks!

I pray you create your own list and realize that your knowledge today may be completely different a few months or years from now which is okay! We put a lot of false weight on our shoulders because of these "made up" social norms that really don't define who we are as people. Not everyone has the same path or purpose so we have to stop living our lives as if we are everyone else with their same make up. YOU were chosen specifically to be exactly who you are, not a carbon copy of anyone else. This is what makes you unique! So, go ahead and create your own list of what you know for sure and keep it safe, maybe in a journal or on the back of your vision board in order to have it handy when you'd like to check it out, reflect and possibly create another list. I wish you infinite blessings, peace and prosperity as you embrace a new year! You deserve a fabulous year...never forget it! Be safe and serene!

Serenity & Sunshine,
Celest Divine